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If you are thinking your holidays, why won’t you go to Santorini this year?

Santorini is one of various Greek islands. Unquestionably, this is 1 of the most charming one. Together with other small islands it creates circular archipelago. It is located 175 kilometers southeast of the coast of Greece.

Santorini Greece cruise

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On Santorini island there are a few cities you should visit. What is amazing is the fact that each of them has something characteristic that distinguishes it from others. Thanks to this, everyone would find something most attractive for himself.

For instance, Fira is the capital of the island. That is also the most busy one as there are lots of tourists. In consequence, if you are a fan of busy life and nights out, and you rest best in the group of other people, that can be the city for you. You would find here many pubs and elegant shops. The city is located literally on the cliff.

Thus, if you look for Santorini hotels with an fabulous window view, it may be also a great choice Another city you could to visit is Kamari. There is a big choice of Santorini hotels, the beautiful promenade, pubs and different shops. The awesome volcanic beach is more than 2 kilometers long! You could also go to one of the local wineries and enjoy the test of delicious white wine. I described these two cities only to give you the idea that the island is not small and you could travel around it. Please remember also, in Santorini there many other cities worth visiting, not just these 2.

Santorin Beach Strand

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Moreover, Santorini is famous for its stunning beaches – boutique hotels in Santorini, Greece. They are simply breath-taking. You don’t have to take my word for that. If you don’t believe me, please check its pictures on the internet. Please do it now. See? They are very beautiful! Therefore, I am sure you are going to enjoy lying on a beach, chilling out, swimming.

Furthermore, while relaxing in Santorini, you may enjoy all of the best knowns water sports. If you are interested in activities such as water skiing, kayaking, diving and other similar ones, you would definitely enjoy this island even more! You need to know there are also many of other things to do! For example, you might take one of the amaizing cruises that would enable you to see the underwater world. You could even observe the underwater volcano! Doesn’t that all sound awesome? Pack your staff, book your tickets and 1 of the santorini hotels, and go tothat island this year!