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Couple things you must to know about air travels

Many of people are using airplane as our main method of transportation. We are going for vacations, visiting some relatives, traveling to work. If you do not wish to have any unpleasant moments in the time of your trip, there are few thinks you really have to know. How to pack your carry on luggage correctly? What type of hazardous materials you are able to have with you? Do you are able to have your cat on the plane? If so, how to orchestrate it? And what about the meals? It is allowed on board?


When you can’t think about any vacations without your beloved kitten with you, do not worry, you can take it on board. Many of the airlines are allowing to take small dogs and cats. Travelling with pets on board is alright mostly in domestic trips. In case of international journeys, your carrier may ask you to put your pet inside the cabin. But be aware, before you get your flight tickets, make sure that your chosen airline company is ok with it, cause otherwise it will be a problem, small agencies most of the times do not allowing on it.

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Also, you must to secure your cat at the time of the flight, and put it inside dedicated box. And don’t forget about health certificate for it, mostly if you are traveling abroad . If you are a blind human, unable to see this article, you are able to take your guiding dog with you. No airline company will forbid you to do so, but remember to tell them about this fact before your trip. In many of agencies, travelling with pets reptile is impossible.


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If you are choosing only a carry on baggage for your flight, you are still able to take transport of food with you. If you get any liquids, you need to pour it into tiny, one hundred ml tops bottles, and gather it all together in plastic, transparent sack. Any kind of sandwiches, snacks and more, must to be packed in original bag, with expiration date on it. The only home prepared meals you can bring on board, must to be destined to the little children. If so, you need to declare it during security searching. Guards will ask you or your kid to try some of that food, to be sure it is alright, and do not contain any poisons and fluid bombs. When you like to take any different sort of food for adults, you have to choose a checked baggage. It is much better option, in case you are wishing to bring plenty of polish specialties for your relatives abroad. Any self-made sausages, potato soups and so on. But unfortunately, checked bag also has a limit. You are not able to put there really strong alcohol, more then 70 %. And be careful about size of your luggage, because excess baggage is very expensive.


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Flying by an airplane is not a piece of cake . You need to know when to arrive at the airfield, what kind of papers collect with you, what you can or cannot have in your purse on board. Especially you have to be careful with carry on luggage – securities are very restrictive. Transport of food, travelling with pets, having hazardous objects – there are many regulations, and unfortunately each is different in other companies, so be aware.