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Asia – the best place for next holidays

Spring is the last moment for us to arrange holidays, because the longer we will wait, the more costly it will be for us. That is why internet in May is filled with amazing deals from travel agencies, and often it may be difficult to choose one destination.


Autor: Pawel Pacholec

Autor: Bill Reynolds
If you are fan of exotic areas and you want to be in touch with different culture, Asia should be the best area for your holidays.
Before the road
Unluckily that continent is less progressed than our, that is why sometimes it standards may be odd for us. First thing you have to remember is to take special vaccines to protect yourself from tropical illnesses. It’ll be helpful mainly in countries like Cambodia or Vietnam for instance. When you’re thinking of last minute option in the future don’t forget, that vaccine has to be taken few months before the road. Another case is date of our journey. You don’t need to be rich to explore that continent, just try to travel during the low season. November or April in tropical Asia is perfect for sightseeing and less famous among western travelers.
Finest locations
The most popular area in there is Thailand, which tourist infrastructure is really progressed. You are beginning your exploration in Bangkok and later it is great to travel to the south, to some of it amazing isles for instance. When you’re lover of spectacular, oriental churches, a last minute trip to India would be the best idea for you. India is still really poor, but the biggest tourist areas are safe and convenient.

You can also choose Japan as your travel destination, but this country is much colder. If you like to enjoy a nice temperature during exploration in Japan you should go there in July or late spring.