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The place where you is likely to fall in love. A few words about the Greek pearl.

Blue and bright town with a typical building, colorful beaches covered with red and yellow sand, great rocks developing in the top the dark blue sea – it’s hard to localize more fabulous than Santorini. A small Greek isle, 120 km away from the coast of Crete.

It’s difficult to say about anything you might not describe. Amazingly beautiful seesight. The combination of white buildings with black, orange job (see see more details) sometimes red rocks is stunning. For this waterside turquoise sea is confusing on each side. Surely, the unique seesight of water stones from volcano does not let us to look other side. Something incredible. The city of Oia job (see check here) Fira are placed on the hills of the volcano rocks strictly from the inside – caldera. The town has just attracted the greatest percentage of tourists. All of them wants to visit these locations and we were not exceptions, echoes might be great talk about the typical greatnes of Santorini, but the period for a part of concrete handy to all in the raid on the island. A lot of tourists come to Santorini in the case to visit the great buildings and colours of the isle.

Greace coast

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In whole locations we can adore the white houses, chapels, churches with blue windows and doors and dome roofs. Only look also hotels that are part of Santorini accommodation industry. Curiously, small-town buildings were kept in darkness of white and blue is not in order to impress visitors. That choice of colors is dictated by truly sensible: bright colours reflects the rays and saves the building from overheating and blue – repels insects. The unique combination of utility and aesthetics. That’s why Santorini accommodation is known for its cleanliness and worry. All Santorinian cities and beaches are visited by lot of people in the afternoon. Why? All of them needs to anticipate the sight of the rays hiding behind the line. Apparently the island you may see one of the greatest sunsets around the globe. You can find more /.

It’s the great location to have both vacations and short weekend. It is good for all – families and for pairs who are planning a honeymoon.