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Is this the finish of difficulties with teeth and enormous queues to the dentist? Fresh ways,brand new quality

Visit other country just to heal teeth or upgrade their appearance? Dental tourism is booming and – surprisingly – a lot of foreign travelers for a nice smile only comes to Poland. How is it that the Polish clinics entice end-users even from across the ocean? The number of people seeking dental services outside their home country has current year exceeded 780 millions and the industry value of medical tourism is estimated at 100 000 000 000 dollars. A large segment of it falls on dental services, where an important center in our continent becomes our country.

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Customers from Denmark or Belgium or Britain come only to our country to standard treatment of toothing and heeling in the area of cosmetic dentistry. That is because for visits and heelings at a professional class dental office can even cost half the price than in their country. In favor of Polish dentists undoubtedly running small price while support great quality services. If Germans became possitive that is Poland may use the dental tourism and heel your toothing at the same level of service as in Berlin, quickly pick a trip, for example, to one of the our towns to do the lace or dental prosthetic bridges – Dental Corner is good example.

It all hinge on whether or not the first time should go to a attractive dentist or not. If so, span the attractive reputation on dentistry in Poland and the phenomenon of dental tourism will grow for the benefit of our offices. National dentists earn on clients from other countries. Their visits are fully paid for, cause they aren’t refund from National Health Fund.

Doctors reaches more profit by creating a permanent client base overseas, why ought to promote such activities on a large scale, also in the abroad media. On the other side, clients benefit from less expensive, but attractive protection of the state of his toothing. In the top things are the bright side of the dental tourism. Our national dentists are also significantly recognized as realible, good specialists in many countries of the EU. Continuous greater influx of foreign patients shows that Polish dentists are receiving sympathy and confidence in their abilities among clients in other EU countries.